11 May 2009

Gold Fish?

I have a goldfish plant. Because I can not do anything really normally, my goldfish on this plant do not really look like goldfish. They look like sharks. Or maybe remoras more than sharks.

They certainly are not evocative of little round fishes with puckered up lips ready to kiss each other. These look like they are on the prowl for fresh meat.

10 May 2009

Hanami Iowa Style 09

I love that barberry bushes flower. Unobtrusively. After they leaf out. Makes the prickles after hero hubby shaves them bearable. Almost. Here's a kind of a closeup. They are just very sweet.

Flowering almond.

The people that built this house planted this gorgeous bush in a corner on the side of the house where 1) NO ONE sees it unless they walk between the houses; and, 2) NO ONE sees it.

Lilacs. Need I say more. I can smell them just looking at the picture. Oh, wait, that's because the window is open! Silly me.

09 May 2009

Mother's Day

My son ordered tulips for me for Mother's Day. They were not a surprise. He told me he ordered them 2 weeks ago. He always does that! If he had kept his mouth shut, I would have had a surprise for once in my life. Alas. The card says: "My son went to Holland and all I got were these crappy flowers."
He has never been to Holland. It's a joke. And the flowers are NOT crappy. Red tulips make me want to puke, because of a previous experience in, oh, 1975, with tulips and Valentine's Day and idontwantogointoit, but these are just beautiful and sweet and I love them!

We try to have fresh flowers pretty much all the time.
They're reasonable to purchase at Sam's Club and keep
fresh for about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, I no longer have a cut flower garden, so I have to purchase them. This is our current bouquet. I just kind of loosely arrange them. Nothing drastic. I like them to look a little jumbled.